Kamis, 05 April 2012

“Suzuki Jeep Club” Now Present In Facebook

Usually for you who had the SJ can join “
Suzuki Jeep Club” through friendster.com as basic member profile. But now the club present expansion network into Facebook.com as their member profile for new.

Suzuki Jeep Club is place for the owner of Legendary Suzuki’s vehicle the short chassis type of SJ and Suzuki’s fan that began from a friendster group that has created in 2008. Fresh enough as beginner club but till now the club already has 64 members and keep growing each day.

The club where address in Indonesia was built to representative community of The Amazing Legendary SJ Owner’s which still many being used by the owners until now. Enjoy the owning and fun experience driving any where we want to.. SJ can go any place that other vehicles would not do!